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Trade Name Y&H Limited Liability Company
Head office 4-10-58 Anagawa, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Objectives 1. Sale of various products as well as conducting related import and export trade business.
2. Provision of consulting services for trade business, agency services for customs handling of import and export freight, and customs clearance services.
3. Provision of services related to translation, interpretation and editorial supervision.
4. Provision of contracting services for sentence making, information processing and other back-office processing.
5. Purchase and sale of antiques and second hand items.
6. Any and all businesses incidental or related to the preceding items.
Date of Incorporation February 16, 2017
Capital 9,000,000JPY
Officer Staff Business Executives IKENOUE MASANOBU

Chiba Bank, Inage higashiguchi Branch

Chiba Shinkin Bank, Tsuga Branch

Settlement Period The End of September

Company Idea
- Message from the Manager -

In this era of globalization and where information and logistics connect the world, the value of various products produced by Japan is being reviewed.

We will contribute to your business through excellent quality control and abundant connections centering on food products, and will help spread the wonderful products and services of Japan all over the world.

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